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  1. Thank you so much for posting this personal information. Our household is going through the same thing, same place, same size etc.
    It is very scary as we are now in an ulcerated stage. Currently, doctors are trying to decide what to do. Your blog post has given me much relief seeing your happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) thanks again

  2. Hola soy de Mexico tengo un niño de 11 años que tiene una hemangioma en su cara y quisieramos quitarselo , mi pregunta es si pueden ayudar a alguien de méxico , saludos , mi correo es

  3. Hi my name is Alexis,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with everyone. And your little daughter is beautiful! My son John had the exact same birthmark on the exact same place as your daughter, it was a combination of a strawberry hemangioma and a deep hemangioma, it was raised and about the size of a golf ball, hot to the touch but with no ulcer.
    It was a difficult journey the first two years of his life because we were in question of what it was? Will it go away on it's own if we wait? Does it hurt or bother him? The risks of surgery, worries with bullying in school once he started kindergarten, just everything! We had anxiety about it for a while. We decided to go through with the removal surgery, his doctor's were worried as well because of the location of his hemangioma and if it got bigger it would have spinal involvement. It was a tough choice because he was so little (2 years old) but everything came out great. His scar faded a bit and he had what the doctor's call a "purse string" close cut, instead of the normal straight line cut. Anyway, my son John is a happy 1st grader now and it was a tough journey but there's always hope and thank you for sharing your daughter's story.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. My child has a hemangioma in the leg and so far the pediatrician has said it will for desparecer, wait. the hemangioma has been growing. Your story made me look for more information and help.