Operate vs Wait (1:1)

one week later

The local surgeon that we went to see (Jarosław Leszczyszyn) advised against removing the hemangioma. He said that after the growing phase it will eventually start shrinking. We already read on Wikipedia that: "Involution occurs in one-third of patient by the age of 3 years, in 50% by the age of 5 years and in 72% by the age of 7 years". For the ulceration he didn't recommend anything new beyond what we were already doing (antibacterial dressings). He said though that Julia shouldn't lay on her back so not to apply pressure on the tumour. This could cause the top part of it being cut of from blood supply (ischemia) That was a bit weird. We haven't seen this as a problem so far and Julia always slept on her back. Convincing her to start sleeping on her tummy didn't seem feasible so did assembling some sort of "spongy scaffolding" around the hemangioma - which the doctor suggested.

Hemangioma and the ulceration are growing

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