The surgery

1 week after surgery

It's not easy to see your child being taken into a surgery room. Julia was just a year and 3 months old. Luckily everything went relatively smooth. We have stayed for a week in Gdańsk (November 2009). Flew in on Saturday, went for a consultation on Monday, had the tumour removed on Tuesday around noon, stayed only one night in the hospital and checked out in the afternoon. We even managed to use the rest of that week for sightseeing
The cost of surgery was 4000 PLN (~1000 EUR or ~1500 USD), the health of our child: priceless
We will never forget the night we spent in the hospital though. So many suffering children! Burns, cancers.... in such little babies. Luckily Julia was taking it quite well and quickly recovered from anaesthesia.

Dr Wyrzykowski explained that he had left the little lump on the left side not to make the scar any wider.
He said it will  eventually stretch out and disappear.

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