Follow-up consultations

2 weeks later

We have emailed all three doctors again. Based on the pictures, Dr Madziara stated that the hemangioma's growth has "stabilized" and Dr Korlacki went even further saying that there are first signs of regression as the surface became... pale. According to them we should "wait". Dr Wyrzykowski though upheld his initial recommendation. He said that sooner or later we will have to have it removed because there's simply too much tissue and because of the large scar which had already developed - and which Dr Korlacki thought was just the tumour becoming pale. He said the hemangioma is still in the growing phase and the ulceration just paused it. According to Dr Wyrzykowski a pause in growth is common between 3rd and 5th month. He was convincing. He said that he is operating on hemangiomas on a daily basis and pointed out that he has a specialisation in plastic surgery too. He also said that MRI most likely won't be necessary. It was good to hear as in case of such small children it requires full anaesthesia. In the end - he said - now, when the ulcer has healed there's no rush with the surgery, but again, it's something we will have to face eventually.

On the top appeared a tiny ulceration.
We were worried that it will spread over the whole surface again.

3 weeks later

Luckily the small wound healed quite fast and without spreading.

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