Operate vs Wait (1:3)

one week later

While being in Poland for Christmas we went to see Dr Madziara as Dr Wyrzykowski lives in Gdańsk - the other side of the country. Dr Madziara again recommended us to just wait and observe the hemangioma as he said it would start shrinking eventually. He said that he had treated some hemangiomas with steroids but in our case he wouldn't recommend it.

We have also managed to see a local children surgeon: Dr Wojciech Korlacki - to get his opinion about eventual excision of the hemangioma. He was all skeptical about it. He said that it would leave a hole in Julia's neck! Unlike Dr Wyrzykowski, he wasn't a specialist in plastic surgery. Dr Wyrzykowski assured us that nothing like that would happen. Just a linear, small scar would be left, he was promising. Dr Korlacki also recommended to get the hemangioma MRI scanned to see how deep the blood vessels were going. He mentioned that there's a possibility that the hemangioma could be reaching as deep as to the spine. We've decided to check it out back in Dublin.

The ulcer is gone. Just a small scab left on the top.

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