Just a birthmark?

It started quite innocently. When Julia was born in (2008) and was routinely checked by a paediatrician, he did notice a red "stain" on her neck. A casual birthmark, "stork bite", flat red stain which was supposed to go away in a few months... but it didn't. It actually started to grow.

First picture on which we have captured Julia's hemangioma on her neck.
She was almost 6 weeks old and the birthmark wasn't flat anymore.

5 weeks later

Also visible a smaller hemangioma on the top of her head, a strawberry mark.

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  1. I stumbled upon your site from youtube. My son has 3 on his body. Two of them, aren't to serious. He has a strawberry patch on his foot and one on his back. The third one, is different. It's on his eyebrow. It didn't show up until he turned a month old. It started as a lump, size of a lima bean. At first we thought he bonked his head on something. But it wasn't going down. He is now 3 months and it's about the size of a large marble. The dr confirmed it's a Hemangioma and should start to shrink between 12-18 months. It the color is his flesh tone, but has a little bit of red marks on it. It's just a little of a hassle when people ask "oh what happened".

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